5 July 2020





Relations with International Organizations

          With the goal to exchange experience and information, the Independent Trade Union of Azerbaijan Education Employees (ITUAEE) builds and maintains bilateral relations with relevant trade unions of foreign countries as part of international cooperation, and holds full membership with several international trade unions. The ITUAEE Republican Committee joined Moscow-based International Trade Union of Scientists and Educators in 1992, Education International (based in Brussels, Belgium) in 2000, and International Trade Union of Education Workers of Eurasia (based in Ankara, Turkey) in 2006.
          Besides, ITUAEE Republican Committee has built bilateral relations with the Trade Unions of Education Workers, operating in Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Uzbekistan , Georgia, Bulgaria, Egypt and Latvia. The Republican Committee maintains effective partnership with the aforesaid organizations, attends international seminars, forums, conferences and supports the international actions.