5 July 2020





General Information


          The composition of the ITUAEE Republican Committee includes the representatives elected in line with the quota set by the Presidium in the conferences and assemblies of the province, town, and city trade union organizations, as well as the trade union organizations in higher and high schools within the Education Ministry system. These representatives shall then be approved by the Assembly. The representatives of the Republican Committee are withdrawn or replaced in the same manner.

          The authority of the Republican Committee shall be approved by the conference (congress) held once every five years and shall be accountable before the congress. The Republican Committee is not dependent on state-run or economic bodies, nor political, or social organizations, and shall not be accountable before them in terms of its activities.

          The Republican Committee shall implement its activities in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Trade Unions, the legislative acts applicable to the operation of the trade unions, and the Charter of ITUAEE.

          The Republican Committee of the Union  

  • shall define priority spheres in the operation of trade union organizations, and direct the operation of coordinated trade union committees towards these spheres;
  • shall defend the rights and interests of Trade Union members;
  • shall build relations with committees of other trade unions in line with the interests of its members;
  • shall conclude area (tariff) collective agreement;
  • shall hear the reports of the combined trade union committees and initial trade union organizations on their activity in the area of protection of socio-economic and labor rights and interests of union members; if necessary, shall raise before the relevant trade union organization the issue of holding early reporting-electoral conferences.
  • shall lead the operation of the technical and legal inspectorate of labor that is subordinate to the Union;
  • shall pass a decision to hold mass protest actions; 
  • shall submit its representative to the coordination commission in case of any labor dispute; 
  • shall study, summarize and share the progressive experience of trade union organizations, instruct trade union personnel and activists and ensure their education.


          The structure of the Republican Committee Apparatus shall be approved by the Assembly; and in their activities, employees of the Apparatus shall be guided by their authority as appoved by the Presidium.

          The Republican Committee of the Union shall elect a chairman and Presidium members to deal with organizational issues and lead the activities in the period between the Assemblies, and establish the voting rules.

          The Republican Committee of the Union shall be accountable before the congress (conference), while its members shall be accountable before the body that elected or appointed them directly.