5 July 2020





Main areas of the Organization’s activity


The primary duties of the Trade Union Committee include the following:


  • Protect the labor, social, economic rights and legal interests of Union members who are currently studying or employed in the field of education;
  • Within the framework of cooperation with the employer: represent the interests of Union members; hold collective negotiations; conclude collective agreements/contracts and monitor implementation of these agreements/contracts;
  • Pay for the healthcare of Union members, their families; ensure pension security, arrange sanatorium and spa treatment and rest cures; improve access to physical training and sport;
  • Organize public supervision on the eradication of factors that threaten the protection of labor, environment, and provision of healthy and safe working conditions for Union members;
  • Improve preparation, re-training, proficiency and education of Trade Union activists, employees and members;
  • Provide methodical information, legal, financial and other types of assistance to trade union members and trade union organizations.