19 December 2018





16th General Conference of ITUEE Republican Committee held on October 10

The conference participants first visited the Alley of Honor to commemorate the national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, the builder of independent Azerbaijan, and laid flowers on his grave.

The attendees also commemorated outstanding ophthalmologist-scientist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva and laid flowers on her grave. The conference participants then visited Alley of Martyrs to commemorate the martyrs, who lost their lives for the sake of the freedom and sovereignty of our country, and laid flowers on their graves.

Representatives of trade unions from eight countries and international trade unions participated in the conference that was organized in Shahriyar Center of Culture.

First, state anthem was played in the conference, followed by the demonstration of a video clip showcasing the state care and attention paid to the education and science workers in Azerbaijan.

Then the floor was given to foreign guests attending the conference.  First, Ismayil Koncuk, the chief of Turkish Education Workers Trade Union and Turkish Public Workers Trade Union, made a speech. Offering his greetings to the conference representatives, Mr. Koncuk noted that Azerbaijan is not just a neighboring country for Turkey, but it is also a friend, a brother and soul: "This strong attachment between us will never be broken. With shared culture, values and historical roots, our countries need to take every opportunity to come together. Guided by the "Two states, one nation" principle, the ITUAEE, up to now, has supported every single initiative to ensure realization of "Unity in language, thought and action" idea, and has spared no effort in this regard." Underlining the increasingly strengthening partnership with ITUAEE, Mr. Koncuk noted that the mutual visits of representatives of the two organizations in recent years, has allowed to strengthen the activities of trade unions, and allowed to share experiences in education field. These relations also allowed the education communities of both countries to know each other and to share the grief and joy together. Mr. Koncuk then wished success to the conference and congratulated the representatives.

Then the chairman of Kyrgyzstan Trade Unions Federation and the Trade Union of Education and Science Workers of the Kyrgyz Republic Asilbek Toktogulov, the chairman of the Education and Science Employees Union of Russia Galina Merkulova and others spoke and offered their greetings.

Then the letter of Minister of Education Misir Mardanov to the conference participants was voiced. The letter notes that the ITUAEE, since the day of its establishment, has passed a rich way of progress, and decently served the education employees: "This honorable way, in fact, entered into the socio-political and cultural history of our people as an inalienable part of the glorified history of Azerbaijani education, science and culture in the 20th century. Having taken its start in the 1920s, this organization, despite having had different names and being not fully independent during the years of the Soviet rule (1920-1991), always carried out important activities to improve the social conditions of education employees, their housing, to arrange their medical treatment and rest and raise the awareness of the population. It spared no effort in stimulating and decently evaluating the work of teachers, protecting the labor rights of education employees and their provision with pension.

It is encouraging that the new phase in the history of ITUAEE started after Azerbaijan regained its independence, and particularly, national leader, the builder of independent Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev returned to power for a second time.

As a result of application of democratic principles in the operation of ITUAEE, an organization that has played an important role in the formation of civil society in the country, the power of the organization was returned to it, its independence was ensured, and necessary legal and normative base was provided to allow normal operation of this organization. As a result, opportunities to ensure the integration of this organization into world trade unions system were created.

Today, ITUAEE is organizing its conference against the background of sustainable development and integration into the world, constant help and support to the successful education strategy pursued in the country, productive partnership and effective cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

I believe that the ITUAEE staff will continue to make its decent contribution to the implementation of sustainable development strategy of independent Azerbaijan, and realization of reforms in line with international education standards under the leadership of President Mr. Ilham Aliyev".

Then, in accordance with ITUAEE charter, the governing bodies of the conference - Presidium, Editorial Board, Mandate Commissions, Calculating Committee and Secretariat were elected.

MP Sattar Mehbaliyev, President of the Republican Committee of ITUAEE, made a reporting speech about the activities ITUAEE carried out in 2006-2012.