3 August 2020







       The Presidium shall:

  • carry out the duties set out by Assembly of the Republican Committee and the conference (congress) of the ITUAEE and implement the current leadership in the operation of the trade union within the timeframe between the Assemblies;
  • on behalf of the Republican Committee of the Trade Union, require annulment or amendment of the decisions passed by state, economic and other bodies that are in violation of the interests of trade union members and trade union organizations, and in contradiction with current legislation;
  • raise demands before employers and their representatives; announce and lead strikes; make decisions to suspend or resume the strikes and coordinate these activities in line with legisation;
  • pass decisions on the participation of the trade union in self-supporting or partnership societies, and establishment of non-commercial or other sorts of organizations;
  • coordinate relations with international trade unions, join solidarity campaign, build and develop mutually beneficial relations between local and foreign trade union organizations;
  • provide legal assistance in the form of methodical and organizational advice to trade union organizations, arrange training for trade union personnel, summarize and share the trade union’s experience;
  • approve representatives to attend the conclusion or amendment of an area contract (agreement), collective negotiations, and the committee for regulation of socio-labor relations;
  • approve social insurance budget plan for each area, the trade union budget, distribution of vouchers for sanatoriums and resorts;
  • approve or dismiss the department heads and employees of the Republican Committee apparatus;
  • consider allocation of staff units for the trade union committees within frame of salary budgets, purchase of equipment, removal of outdated and superfluous books, sporting equipment etc. from the balance or transferring to the balance of other trade union organizations;
  • implement economic and financial operations, spend the funds of the trade union in accordance with approved estimates of costs, pass decisions on the completion of operations related to the purchase or sale of trade union property within the framework of its authority;
  • ensure timely and full payment of membership fees for the trade union organizations;
  • advocate for ensuring transparency of the operation of the trade union and its bodies;
  • summarize and analyze the information and statistical reports received by the Republican Committee;
  • organize registration of trade union organizations; approve the instructions on rules to prepare and hold reporting-electoral meetings in trade union organizations, set date for it;
  • approve the staff list of the apparatus of the Republican Committee at the proposal of the trade union chairman;
  • raise the issue of awarding distinction emblems and honorary names to the employees and activists of the trade union;
  • pass decisions on revocations of trade union membership;
  • carry out other activities as tasked by the Republican Committee.                       



The Presidium shall submit proposals to be discussed by the Assembly of the Republican Committee, concerning:

  • draft agendas and regulations of the Assembly;
  • draft summons, agenda and regulations for the conference (congress), and draft report;
  • rules for election of representatives for the conference (congress);
  • approval of the Republican Committee’s structure;
  • draft status of a Republican Committee member;
  • approval or dismissal of department heads of the apparatus of the Republican Committee.