3 August 2020





General Information


To deal with ITUAEE matters in the periods between the Assemblies, the Presidium staff is elected in the Assembly. The Presidium is accountable before the Assembly of Republican Committee.

The composition of the Presidium includes the President and vice-presidents of the Republican Committee, and other members elected by the Assembly. The number of members is also set by the Assembly. Meetings of Presidium with the attendance of two-thirds of its members are valid.

The Republican Committee Presidium meets at least once quarterly and it is entitled to adopt a decision when at least two-thirds of its members are in attendance. The Republican Committee members not elected to the Presidium can give an advisory vote in the meetings of the Republican Committee. The decisions of the Presidium are adopted with majority voting.

The President and vice-president of the Republican Committee are accountable before the Presidium in the timeframe between the Assemblies.